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Using polls in your web page

Adding a poll to your web page is simple, you can embed any poll into your web page and let your visitors vote from there.


The design of the poll is flexible, so you can choose the dimensions of your poll based on the space you are willing to use in your web page.

1- Poll by Poll ID or the Latest poll for User

  • To decide if you want Poll by Poll ID or the Latest poll for User, use the Type option list to choose one of them.
  • Type the Poll ID if you want to show by poll ID, this is good if this poll related a specific topic in your page, so no matter what new polls you have this poll wont change on your page.
  • Type the User ID if you want to show latest poll for that user, this is good when you have many polls and your page has many changing topic, so you dont need to keep change the script everytime you have new post.
2- Dimensions and Access Key
  • Use this tool to find what dimensions suites you.
  • Use your access key if you want people to access this poll just from your web page.
3- Copy and Paste
  • Copy code in the code frame and paste it into your web page.