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Add polls to your page and get your visitors opinion, they can vote see results and see reports about your poll. you dont need to change your page everytime you make a poll as you can link it to your user id.
It is simple and adding a simple script to your page (html, aspx, php, etc.) you get interact with your page visitors.
To add a poll to your web site simply click on new poll link


You can add a rate for every subject you have, you can choose the type of rating you want. You can get the stars rating or hearts, or the Like and Dislike rating, so many options for you to customize your ratings.
Beside dynamic rating which allows will automatically generate a new rate for each subject of yours that reads from database
To add a rating to your web site simply click on Use Ratings.


Conver a static page to a dynamic page with a single simple like, you can add to your simple page a dynamic records like guestbook, blog, online applications, etc.
Create your own fields and allow your page visitors to insert, update, or delete records; or just to view records depends on your needs.
To add an dynamic records to your page simply click on Use Records.ελληνικάрусский中国的

Short URL

You can get a short URL link for any link you want, and you can use any short code you want so it is easy to memorize this code.
Also you can mask your link so the original link will not be showing in the address bar To add a strart shortenning your links simply click on Short URL.


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