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You can add dynamic record into your page whether it is html, php, asp, aspx, etc., you can add records yourself or let your page visitors to add records.
you can decide how the entry will be, in the same page or in different page.
You can build guestbook, online applications, blogs, etc.

Using dynamic records in your web page

1- Firstly it is better to login by user id as it allows you to modify your records later on.
2- Click on New Records button to open a new records page.
3- Add your fields you want to be in your page for example; Name, Email, Comments, Image, Subject, etc. and you can decide the type of the field; Single-Line, Multi-Line, HTML, Image. and choose many other features.
4- Once you finish you get an HTML script, copy this script and use in your page for example.
5- example of the script <iframe src="" width="100%" height="1000" frameborder="0"></iframe>